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Favorite Audio

Snake Pit Chipstep Loop
Jungle Jam World Loop
Super Metroid Boss Theme 2 Video Game Loop
Hell Battle (snes-style jrpg battle theme) Video Game Loop
S.C.I.L.I. Techno Loop
The Final Battle V2--_-- Miscellaneous Loop
Ghost Eater Video Game Song
Lavender Town (Pokemon) Video Game Loop
*Forgotten Aura* // ZeRo BaSs Drum N Bass Song
Vampire Castle Video Game Song
Dark Forest Classical Song
Megalovania (Mega Man X Remix) Video Game Loop
Meir Forest Concept Miscellaneous Loop
Night Terrors Drum N Bass Loop
-Wildfire- Trance Loop
Flipside <Hektik> Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Megaman 7 - Shademan's Secret Video Game Song
Wily's Castle FM Arrange Video Game Song
.:Arcade_3:. Drum N Bass Loop
Waldon Final Boss Battle Video Game Loop
This Is It! Video Game Loop
World 7 - Pipe Maze Video Game Loop
Space Cadet 3D pinball Video Game Loop
Beacon Video Game Loop
The End Cinematic Loop
Horror Chase Video Game Loop
Cartoon Horror Loop RM Miscellaneous Loop
Lullaby for the Dead Solo Instrument Loop
Fire Proof--_--(Full Vers Drum N Bass Song
earthbound blood battle Video Game Song
GaMetal - Dark Star Core Video Game Song
M&L: Dream Team - Battle Video Game Loop
Yoshi in the Crystal Caves Video Game Song
=-=The Trickster=-= Halloween Classical Song
Battle of Honor Drum N Bass Loop
Runescape - Theme Song Video Game Song
Show No Tears Video Game Song
Sadness and Sorrow v.2 Classical Song
Evil-Dog - Till My Last Breath Industrial Loop
Weeping Demon Drum N Bass Loop
X-men Hip Hop - Modern Song